Poker Hands to Win With The Best Hands For the Easiest Win

Do you want to know the best poker hands to win with? With these hands you will be able to win a lot easier than if you were playing some of the worse hands.
The Best Poker Hands To Win With
AA – Pocket aces are the bets hands to win with. They are the best possible hand you can get. Pairs are great, aces are tops – literally – and you’ll often clean up with an unbeatable full house or trips.

KK – The kinds come in a close second. They are also on of the best poker hands to win with. They are just like any pair but very high on the ladder. Just be a little careful when aces are on the board.
AK – This hand is excellent and provides a smorgasbord of top hands. Absolutely great when suited; you’ve for practically every hand at your finger tips here. Play hard but back off it you don’t really complete anything.

QQ – A good pair. Maybe it’s just girls but I have a soft spot for this hand. It’s probably just my fond memory of crushing a whole table with a four of a kind queens.
AQ – This has is good for making top hands. If they are suited you can take the best flush. It’s great when some poor other bloke has the king and goes for it but you have the ace, hehe.

KQ – It’s the royal couple and they’re here to cause trouble. This is a good hand to get and you can do some damage with these. Again, be careful when you sense aces. Of course suited are better
JJ – Still quite a high pair, this hand is good and can often win you a nice bounty. Trips jacks clean up pairs of aces, kings, queens and an y two pair combination. But don’t mess with these higher cards if you don’t have the third musketeer.
AJ – Now we are getting lower but this hand is still good. If they are suited that’s better. It’s not surprising to pick up a king and queen on the flop and make a straight by the showdown. While everyone is concentrating on their pairs and trips you’re making a straight.

TT – The only non-paint cards that are fairly good. A decent pair to have but have your warning radar set to sensitive. Don’t go to the showdown without making a trips unless you are ballsy. Just remember that even though there isn’t any paint on the board someone could have pocket kings, queens etc.

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